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WJA Leadership Announcement


A Message from WJA's Chairman of the Board

Dear WJA Community,

I am pleased to share some exciting news as we begin a new school year at the Washington Jesuit Academy.

Over the course of the last year, the Board of Directors and leadership team of the WJA have worked closely to evaluate and begin the implementation of several initiatives that will enable our community to “Do More, Together.”  Simply put, we worked together to find more and, we hope, even bigger and better ways to fulfill our mission in service to the young men who have attended, are attending and will attend WJA and their families. WJA is fortunate to have a deep and experienced team that is well-positioned to drive this effort, and I am pleased to communicate some leadership developments.

Effective July 1, Marcus Washington will take on the role as Head of School, assuming more leadership within the business and advancement operations of WJA, while continuing to oversee the vision of the academic program.  Over his ten years at WJA, Marcus has had a tremendous impact and earned a reputation for advancing real change in the community.  With the evolution of Marcus’ role, we have asked Brian Farmer and Kevin Winston to also take on more leadership within the academic program, as Principal and Vice Principal, respectively.  JB Gerald, in his role as Executive Director of the Office for Student & Alumni Success, will continue to drive the work of supporting our alumni as they progress through high school and into college or the workforce.

Bill Whitaker, having worked tirelessly for two decades to shepherd WJA from an idea to the institution for good it is today, will assume the title of Founder.  He will work closely with Marcus, providing leadership and vision over the coming years as WJA strives to deepen and expand its service to the mission.  With this shift from the daily operations, Bill will focus on strategic initiatives for the Academy, expansion of our alumni support programs, and sharing the great work of WJA with the broader community.

We will be intentional and thoughtful about this leadership process in order to preserve the wonderful success and impact WJA has had to date, while embracing the work ahead and striving to do more.  We will continue to make our decisions with the very best in mind for our students, alumni and their families. 

The aim of WJA has always been to provide educational equity and holistic support for young men in and around Washington, D.C.  Going forward, that work will continue and we will seek to make an even bigger impact that is so necessary given the challenges of the world around us.  The WJA Board is confident that the school’s leadership team has the talent, dedication, and passion to further the school’s mission and continue to “Do More, Together.”  



Brian A. Bernasek

WJA Board Chairman