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WJA’s Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest

By David Nesbitt, WJA Teacher


Throughout the school year we try and provide the students with fun breaks from their routine, to build community and school spirit.  One way we do this is the annual pumpkin carving contest.  Each Formation receives two pumpkins and supplies for either carving or decorating their pumpkins.  In the end, two winning pumpkins are chosen.

The students take this competition very seriously, covering door windows to work in secret and giving up recess time to make sure their pumpkin is complete.  While this activity is fun, students also have to work together to choose a theme and get their pumpkin finished on time.  In my experience even the most introverted students come out of their shell during the competition.

This year’s entries included an Olaf pumpkin holding his head high, several scary clown pumpkins, a witch stirring a cauldron, and pumpkins made into two eye balls.  Happy Halloween!